As a country with a population estimated to be at nearly 200 million, Nigeria is the average entrepreneur’s dreamland in Africa and by extension, the world. Not only does Nigeria offer a great opportunity for patronage of various products and services, it is one of the few countries with the highest population for strategic market share expansion, product ideation and innovation.

With these kind of opportunities, the country has no business relying mostly on imported goods and services, where the capacity to produce same exists locally.


It is expected that over 295,000 patrons will attend the event over the seven days. An evaluation will be completed at the conclusion of the carnival to reflect actual attendance and exposure.


Key projections, based on questionnaire conducted, indicate that approximately 290,000 people will attend the events over the seven day program.

Our Mission

To leverage on the achievements of Nigerian products and services to create a reward system that primarily promotes Made in Nigeria, whilst celebrating industry.