As a country with a population estimated to be at nearly 200 million, Nigeria is the average entrepreneur’s dreamland in Africa and by extension, the world.

Not only does Nigeria offer a great opportunity for patronage of various products and services, it is one of the few countries with the highest population for strategic market share expansion, product ideation and innovation. With these kind of opportunities, the country has no business relying mostly on imported goods and services, where the capacity to produce same exists locally.

There has been an increasing call from different quarters for Nigerians to start patronizing locally made goods and services. However, the manufacturers, entrepreneurs, public policy formulators and top government officials needs to have a common platform that crystalizes the issues and come out in one voice to call on all and sundry, in this quest to restore Made in Nigeria to a place of pride in the hearts and minds of the citizens and the world.

Though the calls became imminent after the recent free fall of the naira against the dollar, which generally affected many business concerns in the country, it is even timelier at this point to seek to promote Made in Nigeria, whilst rewarding and projecting the works and efforts of those presently doing all they can against all possible odds.

The Nigerian Brands Carnival was formed following the recession that recently saw the Naira dropping in value against the dollars, rising inflation and unemployment, with the attendant negative externalities of job losses, declining health of citizens , etc. Sometimes in February 2017, it became apparent to the promoters of the project to reach out to government, opinion leaders, the private sector leaders and budding entrepreneurs on the need to create an avenue for the projection and protection of Made in Nigeria.

Following extensive national consultation with private and public sector leaders and stakeholders, the Nigerian Brands Carnival was conceptualised and designed for implementation with a view to create an event that would stand out from all others in Nigeria today, when it comes to the projection and protection of Made in Nigeria.